what's happening?


Dear Parents,


I hope everyone is well. 

The Government announced last week that as of 20th July we would officially be able to run our holiday club throughout the summer holidays. We are currently trying to organise some activities for this time, unfortunately we will be unable to take the children on trips this year and certain activities (like group cooking) will not be on our plans. You can see the activities on the Holiday Club page. We do not need to use bubble groups to separate the children from the 20th although we are going to limit the numbers to 12 per day as we feel any more than this and we will not be able to continue to clean regularly enough. I have our covid-19 policy and risk assessment which I will send out to any parents wishing to use our setting over the summer holidays. I cannot guarantee the children will social distance at all times (especially where the early years children are involved) and therefore parents must consider this before sending them to us. 


The next is a request for all parents to confirm what days/times they might need in September. We are going to greatly reduce the number of spaces (16 maximum) we have available to breakfast and after school club to help keep the risk at a reduced level. Essentially I am starting from a blank slate in September so no previous bookings will count for this September. Some of these spaces are already taken up by nursery children. 


Eileen has been poorly during lockdown with an infection in a couple of the disks in her back, she is slowly recovering but has decided to finish her working days to enjoy some time at home when she recovers fully. We will all miss her lots. 


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